First Tech Meetup in Edinburgh - Sept 4th 7pm

03 September 2008

I hear networking is important, but networking sounds like waiters with trays of finger food and paper napkins. Ian Hogarth wrote about “Hackers Need Friends Too!” ( on TechCrunch UK, and we’ve decided to do what they do in London: get all the developers, tech heads, and tech startups together and build a functional community.

This gives everyone a community where we can learn from each other, hear what’s going on around us, demo some stuff, and really try and bring together the wealth of tech talent we have in Scotland and of course, enlighten others who may be interested.

So the first meetup on September 4th is to see what people think and what we can do to make an easily accessible and friendly community of tech minds, skills and startups around Scotland and connecting with London. We’re hoping to have a meetup maybe every month and to find a way to connect with Ian’s meetup in London (and other cities as they start).

So come along at 7pm to 8th Floor of Appleton Tower (Edinburgh Uni).

The response so far has been really encouraging. Thanks to Sam Collins for setting this up, Andrew Mitchell and Edi Uni for sponsoring it and Ian Hogarth for the support.