July Tech Meetup Glasgow: The Beauty of Code

17 July 2009

Following our TechMeetup Glasgow earlier in July with a ‘Beauty of UI’ theme, we switched around this time for a session on the Beauty of Code, with talks from Thomas Figg (aka Tef) on what it takes to build a computer language, and Craig Nicol on the applications of genetic algorithms.

Unfortunately Tef couldn’t make it over, but we had a great session all the same - as always pizza and beer were enjoyed by all, and this was our first session in our new home The Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Craig Nicol on Genetic Algorithms

Craig provided a high-level introduction to what genetic algorithms are and how they can be used.

Genetic algorithms is a search technique used in computing to find exact or approximate solutions to optimization and search problems. As the name suggests, they’re inspired by the process of evolution in the natural world. The typical genetic algorithm consists of a genetic representation of the solution domain, and a fitness function for evaluating the solution domain.

Craig used example to clarify the topic and his presentation stimulated an interesting discussion of potential applications of the technology.