Edinburgh TM

07 August 2009

The second Wednesday of August is upon us, which means that it’s time for another TechMeetup in Edinburgh. As usual, you’ll be able to join us on August 12 from 6:30pm on level 8 of Appleton Tower (map) for an evening of talking tech whilst consuming copious amounts of pizza and beer. We have two talks lined up: one on programming the Microsoft Surface, and one on building a user-centered web.

Microsoft Surface is basically a coffee table with a 30-inch touch screen on top. It is scratch resistant and beer resistant (we’ve checked) but you can’t put your feet under it.

[caption id=”attachment_406” align=”alignnone” width=”344” caption=”A 21 century coffee table”]A 21 century coffee table[/caption]

The School Of Informatics hosted a Surface programming competition this July. Kate Ho (@kateho) & Neelima Alluri, winners of the competition will tell us everything they learned about programming those badboys. You’ll be able to play with their apps too right there on a real Surface.

Ben Werdmuller (homepage, @benwerd) – co-founder of Elgg among other things – is coming up from London to join us & talk about a vision of the future of the web, as an open application framework based on permissive open standards, and centered around user-identities that are independent of a specific service provider, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google or anybody else. This would mean that the whole web itself would be a social networking tool, effectively turning the current model upside down.

Spread the word, and see you on Wednesday!