September TechMeetup in Edinburgh

08 September 2009

The usual time & location: Appleton Tower Floor 8, 6:30 onwards. Pear Tree for more beer afterwards.

TechMeetup turns one this month so there will be cake. There will be pizza & beer too of course. I think we’ll do a big silly birthday session soon, but as you can tell by the incredibly short notice this month, we’ve all been super busy with our startups and haven’t had much time to arrange anything massive.

However, we have two excellent talks arranged: Alex Heneveld will talk about Agile at Cloudsoft and Simon Montford (, @simonmontford) will talk about the challenges of tech entrepreneurship. Michael Fourman will also be announcing the new £300,000 fund for developers he mentioned at the last TechMeetup.

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who sent back feedback about TechMeetup so that we can continue to make it better. If you’d like to add your two cents, tell us over at At some point very soon, I’ll sit down and compile all the information and release some general statistics of what was voted on and we’ll kick a few of these into place by October (October?? where is this year going…) Hope you can make it tomorrow, see you all there!