TechMeetup turns one. New £300,000 fund, being an entrepreneur and making Agile work

10 September 2009

Happy birthday, TechMeetup!

Over 70 people turned up to join the celebration of TechMeetup’s first birthday. We kept it rather low-key on the night, the only change from the usual was cake (lots of it). Plans for a big fancy party with blackjack and hookers (imdb) are currently in the works at TechMeetup HQ. There was a good number of newcomers which is always pleasing to see, and a number of companies looking to hire people (especially C++, iPhone, Ruby and Python/Django developers).

It goes without saying that TechMeetup would not be what it is today without the hard work of Sam Collins and the help of our sponsors, Informatics Ventures.

Prof. Michael Fourman, former Head of the School of Informatics joined us to talk about Idea Lab, a new project he’s involved with which aims to bring together small teams for short development and experimentation projects to evaluate novel research applications of informatics. A £300,000 fund has been allocated for these projects. Head over to Idea Lab’s website to find out more and get in touch with someone from the team if you’re interested.

Simon Montford, a serial entrepreneur and most recently the founder of Vibio recounted the story of – his previous startup – set in the midst of the dotcom bubble, and shared the lessons he’s learned along his journey. The biggest takeaway for me personally was the reminder of how important it is to look after your customers.

Finally, Alex Heneveld (blog, @ahtweetin) of Cloudsoft talked about how they use Agile. Alex’s approach is very pragmatic and flexible, and he’s not hesitant to throw out things that don’t work in a particular project or team.

[caption id=”attachment_532” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”Selective Agile by Alex Heneveld”]Agile[/caption]

Make sure to watch the video of the talk when it’s up. I’m sure even seasoned practicioners of Agile will learn a thing or two.

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