The shape of TechMeetup to come

13 September 2009

Having put all of the responses into a tag cloud generator, which produced an nice description of TechMeetup, I thought it best to process the feedback a little further. All of the TechMeetup organisers are meeting this week to ensure we’ve got a good plan for the future. Anyone wanting to gain some serious respect with organising TechMeetup, email me (more information here). TechMeetup is growing fast and we continue to need more volunteers to manage the effort. We can achieve big things people.. :-)

I’m posting the results of the feedback here so that people who have commented can see how their feedback may have weighed up against others. Forany critics of my statistical accuracy, I should say that 31 people responded with these respective “skews”:

  • Fantastic, I wouldn't change it for the world (14)
  • Good but could be better, I'll tell you why (17)
  • Pretty crap, here are some suggestions to fix it (0)

Good, nobody thinks it's crap.

So what do people think? Here’s a run down, feel free to comment on anything you have an opinion on.

TechMeetup has been beneficial becauseWhat's your favourite thing about TechMeetupWhat do you not like about TechMeetupSuggestions for the future