The Inaugural TechMeetup in Aberdeen

08 October 2009

The time & location: Wed, 21th Oct, North Side Meston Building, Aberdeen Uni (map) 6:30 onwards. The Bobbin for more beer afterwards.

TechMeetup Aberdeen begins this month. Continuing on the great success of TechMeetup in Edinburgh and Glasgow TechMeetup will open in Aberdeen. Proudly supported by it’s benevolent sponser - Aberdeen University.

We start with two fantastic talks arranged: Gavin MacLean will talk about the hidden supercomputer in OpenCL and James Littlejohn will talk about how bloggers lives are intertwined. There will be pizza & beer too of course.

Gavin MacLean - Unleash your hidden supercomputer

Modern graphics processing units (GPUs) have evolved from single-purpose chips into flexible processors that offer levels of performance once reserved for room-sized supercomputers. OpenCL is a new open standard that opens up these incredible performance opportunities. Forget dual core or quad core we’re talking 240 cores available today.

James Littlejohn - Lifestyle linking the world

mepath’s mission is to figure out how all life is connected. This has started by figuring out how individual bloggers lives are connected in the area of sport. We use ‘wisdom of the crowd’ data aggregation techniques on data derived from using semantics web definitions. The sites architecture from crawl to feedreader, Core engine to UI will also be discussed, including the use of the OpenStack.

We are really excited to be bringing TechMeetup to Aberdeen and look forward to having some great talks and meeting some amazing people. This is the start of something great in Aberdeen, see you all there.