Build a webapp in 48 hours at Launch48 - ya wanna?

09 October 2009

I’m going down to Launch48 next week to check it out. It sounds like a really good weekend and I’m going to blindly advise that everyone should come. Launch48 is a little bit more than a hack weekend, and a little bit less than a full Seedcamp week. But it looks like a great in-between and most bestly (yes) - it’s run by startup people so you know it’s not going to suck.

Convinced yet? Take a peek at their ridiculous sponsor list including Google, Sun, PayPal, TechCrunch and a few others - full list of names covering the weekend is here. They have a great panel of speakers and mentors who will help out during the weekend. You can either come down with an idea, or join a group for the weekend and hack together over the weekend. There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on project type as far as I can tell.


There weekend is split into two parts: guest speakers on Friday night (Launch48 Conference - £50) and then the whole weekend of building a web app/business with mentoring and lots of other developers (Launch48 Weekend - £10). You can get both for £60 but the guys at Launch48 have been very cool and given TechMeetup a promo code for 50% off - oooooh! It’s limited in how many tickets it will work for but I don’t know to how many - so it’s first come first served. Go.

Promo code for 50% off: L48M-0807-TM

Buy tickets here: