Bloop, a better way of introductions?

25 November 2009

The introductions at TechMeetup are two things: 1) a great way of meeting people at the meetup and 2) boring and laborious.Therefore, I suggest change.


So we made a small mobile web app, called Bloop, that let’s you post your introduction at your location. You can simply grab your name and photo from an existing profile on the web, no registration needed. Post your question/conversation/thing you’re looking for and have a look at what others are thinking or talking about.

Now you don’t need to remember everyone’s name or introduction, just have a peek at and go chat. I don’t expect a brilliant solution first go, but I want to try a few things and see what works. So please bear with me, and the more feedback the better.

Head over to Bloop (it’s designed for mobile screens right now) and post your introduction ahead of time or just do it while you’re at the meetup. Feedback to sam at techmeetup dot co dot uk - thank you all!

Update: You can now read up new releases and what we’re working on for future versions of Bloop on our blog.