Tech Meetup Aberdeen

05 January 2010

A Happy New Year to everyone!

The time & location: Wed, 20th Jan, North Side Meston Building, Aberdeen Uni (map) 6:30 onwards.

The show must go on as they say and we are starting the year with two great talks. The first talk is from Pete Henderson who will discuss the ups and downs of running a technical software company. The second talk from James Philp will show us how to end the never ending search for the right video codec. There will be pizza & beer too of course.

Care and feeding of Techies

Pisys are a software development company with offices in Aberdeen, Houston and (strangely) Swansea and Oldmeldrum. They specialise in a range of products for a number of diverse markets – from school performance management systems to multi million $ immersive training simulators.

In this talk founder Pete Henderson will talk about the many ups, occasional downs and the often surreal experience of running a technical software company.

Fully Configurable Video Coding: The future of digital video

Imagine never again having a video that won’t play because of an unknown or obscure codec.

Imagine never needing to replace a set-top box whenever a new broadcast technology is invented.

Fully Configurable Video Coding represents a major step forward in how video is transmitted to the consumer.

Using sophisticated techniques, the software required to decode a video sequence by the end user is sent along with the video sequence data itself. This results in both improved performance and a quick and easy way for developers to get their new video coding techniques to the end user without the headache of waiting for widespread market adoption of their ideas.

Hope to see you all there.