TechMeetup Aberdeen

27 January 2010

On 20th January yet another great night was had at TechMeetup Aberdeen, although the turnout was slightly smaller this month. We kicked off with the usual networking, fuelled by beer and pizza.

Fully Configurable Video Encoding

The evenings talks began with brilliant introduction to Fully Configurable Video Encoding, given by James Philp of RGU. James started by introducing video compression and giving some examples of why it’s needed. He then discussed market needs, such as internet TV and hardware encoding, and the potential solutions offered by a run-time configurable video codec. From there he went on to demonstrate the universal decoder that the team at RGU are working on and its uses/advantages etc.

The talk was well received with many questions being asked during the Q&A session that followed the talk. Issues of security, power on restricted devices and potential effects on standards were discussed.

Care and feeding of Techies

The second talk was given by local business owner Pete Henderson. Pete gave an informative and entertaining talk about the ups and downs of running a software business, and taking it from start-up to international company. Pete started out programming in RM-BASIC and HP/L offshore during the 80’s. In 1988 he started a product development company, then called Aardvark (check out the video for the reason why!), now Pisys. He gave a brief run-through of the company’s history, giving sound advice along the way on pitfalls to avoid, things to remember and how to manage different types of teams. Pete finished off by telling us where he envisioned Pisys going in the future and then taking some questions from the audience.

The videos for James’ and Pete’s talks are now available on Vimeo.

security - C injection issues. VM so limited impact
issues with power on restrained devices
HTML5 issues, will cope fine and possibly mean no longer have issues with new standards
various others