Thanks to an amazing community.

12 February 2010

I thought I should take the time to say a big thank you. Partly because I’m grateful, but partly because it’s perhaps not entirely obvious what an amazing tech community we have around us.

About two hours ago, I posted looking for some kind souls to host this techmeetup website. TechMeetup is run entirely by a group of amazing people who volunteer their time to do so, supported by a group of benevolent sponsors who don’t ever ask to stick ads on our foreheads and understand where we’re going. We’ve all put in a lot to help bring together a community of tech enthusiasts, lovers and haters, startups and more experienced companies - and today the result was never more obvious. The response to my request was incredible - I would openly like to say a hugely warm thank you to the tons of individuals and companies who reacted straight away and offered to help:

Brett Sheffield from Gladserv Omar Ali from Flexiscale Tom Griffiths from Hubdub and Fanduel Rory Fitzpatrick Paul MacDonald from IFDNRG Daniel Winterstein from Winterwell Associates Darcie Tanner Condie from Civic Steven Moffat from TheBurgh Janek Mann Paolo Ciarrocca Paul Ferrie

Now that you see the amazingness, I suggest we start to do more together - more specific meetups (I hear a Lean Startup meetup is a-brewing), hack groups, and design/development workshops. Nothing need be super serious, TechMeetup is thinking about organising a hack weekend soon just for fun. All the support is there for anyone who wants to set something up and improve our abilities and quality of the Scottish tech scene, let me know and I’ll happily help you connect to the right people or sponsors etc.

We’ll be taking Flexiscale up on their hosting offer, so a huge thanks to you guys for making it easy for us to keep our site hosted with you.