TechMeetup Aberdeen

10 March 2010

The next Aberdeen TechMeetup will be held on Wednesday 17th March, from 6:30 onwards, in the North Side Meston Building at Aberdeen Uni (map).

We’ll be using Bloop again to find like-minded people to talk to. You can post messages (called bubbles) about what you would like to talk about or what you’re looking for at the event and see what others are interested in talking about. Check out this fun intro for how it works how to use Bloop. Now with extra added desktop GUI :)

Come along, sink a beer, eat some pizza and listen to what should be two very interesting talks.

Visualising Data.

The last 12 months have seen some very interesting movements in the online approach to data management and business intelligence. With startup companies like ‘GoodData’ securing 7m of funding and getting major players like Ben Horowitz (of Net Beans fame) and Marc Andreessen (co-author of Mosaic, the first browser to display images), there is no doubt that there is a rising enthusiasm for taking business intelligence to the cloud.

In addition, there is movement within our own Government to release data for public use. Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt are participiating in the initiative to release government data for re-use.

Pat McKay, Managing Director at Delta Software Solutions will talk about the rise of online business intelligence and what it could mean to the ordinary consumer, business and public bodies.

Coding Dojos

A Coding Dojo is a programming session based around a simple coding challenge. Programmers of different skill levels are invited to engage in Deliberate Practice as equals.

Joe will talk about the benefits this brings to developers as well as how to run a dojo at your own workplace