TechMeetup Aberdeen

16 April 2010


Unfortunately, due to the wrath of the gods (probably because I was inappropriately dressed last Tuesday), the GitHub and Heroku guys have had to cancel. We will soldier on and try and put together some last minute talks for tomorrow night. We may end up hitting the pub earlier than usual though. It’s a hard life.

TechMeetup are pleased to announce three special guests for the Aberdeen April TechMeetup. PJ Hyett and Kyle Neath from GitHub will be joining us, as will Blake Mizerany of Heroku.

I believe that a party will be coming up from Edinburgh and hopefully one from Glasgow too, so check in with your colleagues if you want to make the journey north!

The evening will begin with the usual beer and pizza. This is a good chance to network with fellow geeks. As usual, we’ll be using Bloop to find like-minded folks.

Following the beer and pizza, PJ will give us the GitHub story. GitHub is a site that allows users to upload and share their git repositories and therefore their source code. This can be done for free if the repos are public and open to all other users of the site, but private repos are also available for a price. GitHub pride themselves on their social coding aspect and on being a major player in the OSS community. BusinessWeek voted them Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs in 2009, so this will be a talk not to be missed.

After PJ’s talk Blake will give us a demo of Heroku. Heroku is a site that allows you to quickly create and host Rack-based Ruby web apps using frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra. Heroku has quickly gained popularity for its ease of use. You don’t have to worry about servers or setup, just write your code, push it to your git repo and it deploys onto Heroku. All will be revealed in the demo (or at least 20 minutes worth will anyway)!

The talks will be followed by a Q&A session.

Unless we’re all living under a pall of volcanic dust by this point, drinking will ensue post-meetup at various pubs around Aberdeen.

Furthermore, Thursday night will be an official GitHub drinkup, starting at the Prince of Wales at around 8pm. Bring your drinking cap.