Aberdeen TechMeetup

17 June 2010

We had a good turnout at last night’s techmeetup, with some familiar faces, some new faces and even a window-blind manufacturer who’d come to see what his friend was up to (cue jokes about Window developers).

First up was Nikhil Ninan who shared with us some of his research on IP-based multicast delivery over DVB networks. After explaining current delivery mechanisms, Nikhil described the Robust Header Compression (ROHC) standard for the compression of internet packet headers. He went on to describe how his investigations show that by delivering MPEG-4 over ROHC a delivery efficiency similar to that of MPEG-2 over DBV can be achieved. Nikhil finished by outlining the direction of his future work which will involve, for example, the analysis of real live ROHC implementations.

After Nikhil, Alan Spark took to the stage to tell us about Code Rocket. Code Rocket is a very nicely implemented procedural level design tool which integrates with both Visual Studio (C# and C++) and Eclipse (Java), providing both pseudocode and flowchart editors. Alan demonstrated some of Code Rocket’s round-trip editing features with a spot of live development; a bold move, but one which payed off.