TechMeetup Glasgow June

22 June 2010

TechMeetup #12 will be held on Wednesday 23rd June, 7:00pm-late, in space generously donated by the Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC for short). GMAC is located on the fifth floor of Trongate 103 - come checkout the new digs!

TechMeetup is a monthly get together for tech chat, talks, pizza & beer - turn up around 7pm and we’ll be there to welcome you and introduce you to the nearest members of the local tech community. Whether you’re a code monkey, a designer, an academic, a start-up addict or you’re running an established business, you’ll meet folks walking your talk.

Following a bit of chat we generally kick off 1 or 2 informal talks on topics covering the desktop, mobile, & console, some leading Scottish lights in the commercial environment, and then some academic stuff I didn’t understand - check out the videos for more background!

Up this month we have Matt Wynne on Behavioural Driven Development with Cucumber. Matt’s a long-time evangelist of agile development and comes with some great experience from the likes of and the BBC.

Examples are one of the most powerful tools we have for learning. When we build digital media for people, we want to learn as much as possible about what they want, as quickly as possible, in order to build them just the right thing. Using examples to explore and capture requirements is a great way to bridge the communication gap between stakeholders and programmers, and discover any misunderstandings or false assumptions.

Cucumber is a tool for writing these examples in a format that can easily be read by both stakeholders and, crucially, the computer itself. By making them machine-readable, we can build up a suite of executable requirements (or acceptance tests) which you can use to check the behaviour of the system as it’s built. Matt will describe Cucumber, explain why we need it, and show some examples of how it can be used to create better digital media faster.

P.S. arrive 7pm sharpish or you’ll miss the pizza!