New TechMeetup Site

27 June 2010

Welcome to the brand shining new techmeetup website!

A new site for techmeetup has been a long time coming and kicking off at Royal Society a few weeks ago we decided to do away with the underlying wordpress site and start from scratch, Why? because techmeetup is a community of some of the best web talent in the country and we want to make sure everyone who wants to help out can.

So quick details, the site is powered by Python/Django and all the code is up on github for you to fork and do with what you wish. Both the design and functionality are plain right now, this is a new start and there are a lot of plans for the site so expect more changes soon.

If you have requests / suggestions (and even bug reports) then comment away, if you want to help us hack on the site then either turn up to the next Royal Society, or come along early to the next Edinburgh meetup.

Cheers Dale

P.S Could the previous admins/authors email me ( to get access again, thanks.