Aberdeen TechMeetup 10

13 August 2010

It’s time for another TechMeetup Aberdeen event at 6:30pm in the foyer of the North entrance of the Meston Building. As usual come for the food, listen to the talks and stay for the conversation and networking. ok, so you also want the beer and pizza, then fine. We’ll make sure that’s here too. See you there!

For those of you coming by car, you’re best advised to park in the car park to the south side of the library off of Bedford Road as the car park, that you’re familiar with outside of our building is now gone.

Hello HTML5 by Mark McAulay

HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML language. It has a fine selection of new tags, a simpler doctype and several other shiny things available to the discerning web developer and let’s face it, we all like shiny things. It also has a big bag of hype and more than a couple of misunderstandings surrounding it. Through this brief introduction, we will look at several examples of what HTML5 is about, what it is and what it isn’t and how you can start using HTML5 as your markup language of choice today.

Brand Aura by Andrew Starkey

BlueFlow have recently launched a new web service called Brand Aura that allows brands/products/companies to be tracked using online social media. The service offered by Brand Aura is a partnership between three companies with different skill sets – our focus is on the automated retrieval and analysis of textual data so that trends can be monitored in real time, if necessary. An alpha study was undertaken during the UK elections, which can be seen at http://electiontrends.blogspot.com – this was followed by Nick Clegg, amongst others!