Aberdeen TechMeetup 12

14 October 2010

For our first anniversary we’re doing something special:

Mr. Alan Gardner is talking about Sinatra and doing a live demo

“Are you a developer who’s fed up fighting their web framework when developing simple web apps? Are you a designer who wishes they could quickly bring their prototypes to life to demo to clients? Maybe you just love the slow horror of seeing a live coding session going down in flames. Then my talk on Sinatra is for you.

Sinatra (http://www.sinatrarb.com/) is a simple web framework written in Ruby that can be easily deployed to the web for free using heroku.com. We will take a look at the basics of Sinatra (and associated moving parts), do the obligatory “Hello World” app and then, because I have no fear / my stupidity knows no bounds (delete as appropriate) we will live code a simple Twitter client.

Turn up to hear about Sinatra, stay to laugh at my code floundering.”

The usual refreshments are also on hand to help with the liaising and networking of people before and after the talk.