Aberdeen TechMeetup 15

09 February 2011

It’s that time again. The next TechMeetup Aberdeen meeting will be Wed, 16th February at 6:30pm in the foyer of the North Entrance to the Meston Building. Come along to chat to fellow tech folks, and to hear

James Philip talking about The Magic Smoke http://twitter.com/#!/jorbals

“Electronics isn’t just digital! Whilst computers are great, we live in an analogue world, and any useful electronic device today consists of both analogue and digital electronics. So how does it all fit together? What do all those funny things around the chips do? Why do we need to wear those funny wrist straps when we’re handling computer parts? And what is that magic smoke that always escapes when things go wrong?”

Lee Christie talking about Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithms are a part of Artificial Intelligence inspired by Darwinian natural selection. They can be used to solve optimization problems with no known computationally-feasible alternatives, by constructing a population of random candidate solutions, and allowing them to compete to survive and breed.

Obviously, we’ll also have the usual beer, pizza and soft drinks to to help fuel the discussion.