Aberdeen TechMeetup 18

13 May 2011

Come along to the May meeting and hear about Java ME in school and what you can do to catch PHP errors. As usual, you get to meet and talk to interesting people and hear about cool ideas.

Nava Tintarev

Using Sensor-Enabled Mobile Phones to Support Assistive Technology http://howwasschooltoday.computing.dundee.ac.uk/

This talk will describe a system that supports personal narrative for children with complex communication needs. Typical users of the “How was School Today…? - in the Wild” system are children who have not developed speech and language skills as expected, due to motor, language, cognitive, and/or sensory perceptual impairments (e.g., as a result of cerebral palsy). The system generates a draft story based on data collected with a mobile phone, and the children edit and tell the story using an appropriate user interface. The talk will describe the functionality and architecture of the system as well as practical issues which occur when deploying this sort of system ‘in the wild’.

James Baster http://jarofgreen.co.uk/

PHP Error Catching and what you do with them afterwards “Quick overview of catching PHP errors and Exceptions, collecting as much information about them as possible and tracking them in a ticket system to share work between staff and make sure it gets done. (all code open-source)”