Aberdeen TechMeetup 20

12 July 2011

Come along to the July meeting and hear about Ruby from two well-known faces in the Ruby scene. Colin helps run the Glasgow Ruby User Group, while Joe is a familiar face in the global Ruby scene. As usual, you get to meet and talk to interesting people and hear about cool ideas, while having your beer and pizza.

 Colin Gemmel

Cooking environments with chef

Configuring development and production environments from scratch can be and extremely boring and time consuming task, especially when you have to deploy 2, 3 or 50 servers. Chef is a tool that helps you configure environments that can be as easy as a single click. In this talk I will show the basics of starting with out with chef and talk about my experiences of creating chef scripts for both linux and windows environments to create reusable scripts that make it a breeze to scale web app, or just rebuild your development environment when you delete that all important system file.

 Joe O’Brien from Edgecase talking about android and jruby