Aberdeen TechMeetup 21

12 August 2011

Come along to the August meeting of TechMeetup Aberdeen at 6:30pm on 17th August at North entrance foyer to Meston building, and hear our two speakers. As usual, you get to meet and talk to interesting people and hear about cool ideas.

Lee Christie http://twitter.com/#!/java6nerd Java Generics

In the Java Language, Generics have been with us for two major versions and is one of the most useful language features, but still sometimes causes confusion and refuses to play nice with features such as reflection, arrays, and var-args. In this talk I will be explaining the use of Java Generics and hope to demystify concepts such as type erasure, heap pollution, generic methods, type parameters, naming collisions, and the PECS mnemonic.

Bruce Scharlau http://twitter.com/#!/scharlau Fred Goes Agile via Lean

Learn how Fred uses Lean practices to make his business Agile. Everyone’s heard about agile development, so this looks at how lean practices fit together and explain why agile works. Learn why flow is the goal.