Tech Meetup Edinburgh Wed 12th October

04 October 2011

Tech Meetup Edinburgh is back on the 8th floor of Appleton Tower on Wed 12th October from 6.30pm for our first ever themed event* - all about art.

Our first talk is Digital colour 3D holograms and holographic displays, by Javid Khan of Holoxica Ltd. Full-colour 3D-holograms for the scientific community using CAD/mathematical models, scanned data or live images. Designs range from medical images or molecular structures to concept cars. Holoxica is also pioneering a holographic display, which is currently in the R&D phase.

Tom and Daniel from Codeus will talk about artificial intelligence and creativity, with examples from their work on generative art, generative poems, and evolutionary design. They will give some demonstrations of their work, and talk about the theory (and code) behind them.

We are experimenting with having free tickets for our events. This will give us an idea of how many people are coming, and will let you see who else is coming in advance. Sign up on Eventbrite. We won’t be checking tickets at the door or anything; but we’re curious to see if people find it useful.

See you all there, James + the Tech Meetup crew

  • The theming was a complete coincidence, but I’m still going to claim credit for it anyway.