TechMeetup Glasgow 23rd of November

10 November 2011

TechMeetup Glasgow is back on the 5th floor of the School of Computing on Wed 23th November from 6.30pm.

With a record turnout of 78 last month, with had to up the ante… This month we have three amazing talks lined up this month, 2 ‘lightning’ and a main talk.

2 Lightning talks:  Touching the Micron: Tactile Interactions with an Optical Tweezer, Stuart Lamont I will discuss the development of an iPad interface for manipulating microscopic particles which is augmented with vibrotactile and audio feedback.

 Interning at Google, Lauren Norrie As a student returning from an internship at Google, I have been given a new outlook on life in the office, particularly on how to stay motivated, productive and inspired. In this talk I will share some of my experiences from Munich and suggest how these may transfer to research life in Glasgow.

Main talk:  Mass participation mobile software trials in the ‘app store’ age, Alistair Morrison The emergence of ‘app stores’ on a number of mobile platforms provides HCI researchers with a relatively easy means of recruiting very large numbers of trial participants from all over the world. As the practice of releasing research applications in this way is still relatively new, the HCI community has not yet developed a set of guiding principles or an understanding of what constitutes good practice. In this talk, I’ll share experiences from several large scale trials we’ve run in the University of Glasgow’s SUMgroup, covering issues such as recruitment, capturing log data, identifying users, performing qualitative evaluation and the new ethical challenges raised by this approach. I’ll talk about the benefits we’ve gained and the challenges faced in running these trials.

There’ll be beer and pizza as usual and plenty of time before, between, and after the talks to catch up on the latest tech news & gossip. As ever, the event is free and no sign-up is necessary.

We had an amazing turnout last month and call on you and the community to keep the excitement going. Please broadcast this announcement far and wide. Thanks for helping, it means a lot to us and is mightily appreciated.

We’d also like to thank Professor Roderick Murray-Smith for his support in making TechMeetup Glasgow possible, as well as EdgeCase, SkyScanner, and Informatics Ventures.

See you next November 23th, 2011 at 6.30pm. 5th Floor School of Computing 18 Lilybank Gardens by Hillhead Underground Glasgow Westend

For queries email Ijonas Kisselbach (

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