TechMeetup Glasgow 25rd of January

11 January 2012

TechMeetup Glasgow is back on the 5th Floor of the School of Computing on Wed 25th January from 6.30pm.

We ended 2011 with a record-breaking attendance of 104. Thank you all for coming and hope to see back this month because we’ve got two amazing talks lined up.

Responsive Design, Jamie Boyd (@jamboid) of Equator Responsive Design is rapidly becoming part of the lingua franca of web and mobile interface building. Jamie’s presenting a techie-focused deep-dive on the issues you’re likely to encounter.

HTTP Caching 101, Sebastien Lambla (@serialseb) of Caching is one of the most powerful feature of HTTP and ReSTful architecture, and also one of the most misunderstood. This session will review what can be done with HTTP, debunk a few myths and show some commonly-implemented patterns you can implement in your own clients.

There’ll be beer and pizza as usual and plenty of time before, between, and after the talks to catch up on the latest tech news & gossip. As ever, the event is free and no sign-up is necessary.

TechMeetup is made possible by the amazing financial support from the University of Glasgow, EdgeCase, SkyScanner and small donations from community members. Thank you all.

See you next November 23th, 2011 at 6.30pm. 5th Floor School of Computing 18 Lilybank Gardens by Hillhead Underground Glasgow Westend

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