TechMeetup Glasgow 28th of March

21 March 2012

TechMeetup Glasgow is back on the 5th Floor of the School of Computing on 28th of March from 6.30pm.

This months talks are wide-ranging and two-fold:

Principles: why they matter to you and your team, Tim Jenks 14 Principals (@14principles) Principles are at the foundation of Lean and Agile: yet they are often lost in a noise of process detail. Rediscover the principles at the root of Lean and Agile teams and see how establishing your team’s own set of values can make it more effective.

Infographics, John Loudon (@phoenixq) Infographics have long been a hot topic from the subtle beginnings with basic graphs to the sophisticated layering now possible through digital software. In this talk John Loudon will cover some of the history of where infographics came from and what caused the sudden surge in their use . The talk will go on to look at a process he implemented into his team as a training and development exercise and also give hints and tips as to how to get you started in creating your own. If you’re interested in infographics or just getting a better understanding of how they can be used to leverage data sets then this is the talk for you.

There’ll be beer and pizza as usual and plenty of time before, between, and after the talks to catch up on the latest tech news & gossip. As ever, the event is free and no sign-up is necessary.

TechMeetup is made possible by the amazing financial support from the University of Glasgow, EdgeCase, ScottLogic, SkyScanner and small donations from community members. Thank you all.

See you next 28th of March, 2012 at 6.30pm. 5th Floor School of Computing 18 Lilybank Gardens by Hillhead Underground Glasgow Westend

Here’s a Google Map to the venue.

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