TechMeetup Glasgow 23rd of May

18 May 2012

TechMeetup Glasgow is back on the 5th Floor of the School of Computing on 23rd of May from 6.30pm.

This months talks are two-fold:

How runrev is being used in schools, Kevin Miller RunRev CEO Kevin Miller, will talk about the vital need to engage today’s students in learning programming. The talk will include examples of some of the mobile apps that have been created by students.

The Strategies and Architectures used by State Sponsored Cyber-Attacks, Chris Johnson Chris will briefly describe ways of bringing down Europe’s transportation infrastructures using a number of different cyber-attack scenarios. The aim of the talk is to make people aware of threats from the integration of computational infrastructures across European industries.

There’ll be beer and pizza as usual and plenty of time before, between, and after the talks to catch up on the latest tech news & gossip. As ever, the event is free and no sign-up is necessary.

TechMeetup is made possible by the amazing financial support from the University of Glasgow, EdgeCase, ScottLogic, SkyScanner and small donations from community members. Thank you all.

See you next 23rd of May, 2012 at 6.30pm. 5th Floor School of Computing 18 Lilybank Gardens by Hillhead Underground Glasgow Westend

Here’s a Google Map to the venue.

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