Vintage Techmeetup

14 March 2013

A Tweet triggered a discussion about Charlie Boisseau’s 2014 Techmeetup talk on Internet Infrastructure. That triggered the temporary re-activation of Techmeetup’s old Vimeo account.

So for one month there is a chance to peruse the archive. Rewatch some great talks by some amazing people. People that stood up and shared their knowledge.

Below is just a list of the most viewed, but there is also 202 more to check out.

Adrian Mouat - Intro to Docker Techmeetup Edinburgh 14 May 2014

Drew Neil on Vim Techmeetup Edinburgh ~November 2011

Graeme Mathieson on Ruby Techmeetup Edinburgh ~January 2009

Henry Coles - Mutation Testing Techmeetup Edinburgh March 2014

James Baster talks about Elastik Techmeetup ~June 2010

James Baster and Thomas Figg talk about Why you should or shouldn’t use PHP Techmeetup Edinburgh ~Dec 2010

Joe Wright talks about Coding Dojos TechMeetup Glasgow ~July 2009

Philip Roberts talks about Data visualisation using d3.js Techmeetup Edinburgh 14 November 2012

Tom Beddard - Fractals and the Frax iOS app Techmeetup Edinburgh 10 October 2013

❤️️ The contribution of all presenters to the Scottish tech community is greatly appreciated ❤️️