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About TechMeetup

We founded TechMeetup because there is an abundance of events for entrepreneurs to meet investors and lawyers, and next to nothing for techies and tech. Considering the wealth of tech talent around (yes you), why haven’t we made the effort before to get to know everyone – see what else everyone is working on – get help on our projects from others – and talk about some of the cool stuff we’re doing – web apps, software, mobile apps, hardware, games…

Networking sounds like something that you do if you’re in PR or sales, so we don’t call it that and we don’t make it feel like that. There’s no name badges, no canapés. There’s just free food and drink (both alcohol and juice), a projector and a load of techies discussing tech stuff. Come along to a TechMeetup and meet who else is involved in your tech scene.

Some other things of relevance

  1. TechMeetup is free. Sometimes we require free tickets for our events, but if that isn't mentioned you can just turn up!
  2. TechMeetup is about advancing our knowledge and meeting new people – it is not for presenting a sales pitch.
  3. TechMeetup is organised and run by the community. If you want to help out, speak to an organiser at your local event.

Safe Spaces

TechMeetup aims to be a safe space where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender, race, age, technical ability or anything else. We are currently discussing a formal policy to make this clear, but in the mean time if you have any concerns that a speaker or attendee is behaving inappropriately or if you have any suggestions on improvements please contact one of the organisers privately.

Support TechMeetup & Donate

All our events are organized and run by volunteers, who do so for the love of it. However we need your help because together we drink and eat our way through thousands of pounds every year. Our fantastic sponsors pay for most of it but we need your help to get to the finish line.

Right now we can't take any credit card or Paypal payments so we ask you to "bank transfer" your donation. You could either donate one lump sum or set up a standing order of £5 or £10 / month as some do.

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Thanks for your support. You're a ☆.

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TechMeetup has an active mailing list for announcements and notices and you can also follow everything on Twitter @techmeetup.

If you like what we’re doing or want to chat about TechMeetup and you don’t like Google Groups or Twitter (it’s ok), please email contact [at] techmeetup dot co dot uk.

Run by

TechMeetup is organised and run by the community. This thing would not work without the incredible contributions from a fantastic group of people. And they are, as follows:

If you want to help out, speak to an organiser at your local event.